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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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see the collective, both wisdom and desire to help bring in the young people that are coming to san francisco and finding ways to really support them being part of our community, and it all happened really quickly in terms of our ask to the feds and what we can do to ensure we're protecting and understanding everything that's happening to our unaccompanied minors and i just really want to appreciate all the efforts put into that because i have seen you guys come together time and time again under the leadership of lonnie kent from the mayor's office who has kind of got thrown into this in a way that she didn't expect it to kind of come through, and to gain the momentum it has and to see all of you come together the way
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you have has been really tremendous. and i think from the school district side just knowing that we're going to be receiving potentially 200-400 students all at once or in dribbles or how it was we were going to be accepting the students there was a part of me who was a little bit nervous but a part of me that was proud because we do serve so many undocumented students already and we don't categorize them and are you or are you not and you come into the system and served like anyone else so as a district we were prepared to help the new students that came in and i am comfortable with the services set up because there are unique challenges that our
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unaccompanied youth will be experiencing and i have to say as a parent of two kids there is no way i will ever understand how our young people make it from one place to the next, and in knowing there is going to be a tremendous amount of emotion and trauma that they will be experiencing and we as a city have come together to ensure they can be as stable as possible is just really heart warming so on behalf of the school board i want to thank you for the great work and again just highlights who we are as a city, and the work that we can do together, and i am really looking forward to ensuring that the young people that come through san francisco and stay in san francisco are well supported so again thank you for your tremendous work. >> i also upon to thank all of
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the departments that are here today. we will continue this item but we want to ask everyone to come back in october and i will make sure that our office reaches out to all of the departments with the continuance -- well, i can't continue the hearing, but being heard again in october. i appreciate the work. it's so clear that every department is incredibly passionate about making sure we're making a difference for this group of young people that are here and growing here in san francisco. i really, really am going to push on the data sharing issue. i know we're still working it out on even the juvenile justice dph level but i think we need a solution on it soon because i think we all know it's very hard to succeed in the city under the circumstances that the young people are coming and of course there will be young people -- like our commissioner that will succeed but there are so many it's
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going to be so challenging for them to come up under all the obstacles and challenges they're facing and having a cohort of adults caring for them able to communicate with one another i think is important and really highlighted for me a couple of weeks ago when we learn d that one of the former youth interns passed away and someone we thought was doing well, successful, went to college but still so heavily burdened by the challenges of being low income, the family being homeless and transitioning through a lot of housing and even though he was in so many programs i wish i could have communicated with some of the adults he worked with so we had a broader picture of the struggles he was going through and obviously in retrospect i wish we could have supported him better if we had the full knowledge of what we was going through so i push on
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us to do that because the youth are here now. they're getting older and we have to make it. i think it's urgent to do that and finally i know not everyone will be back with select committee but a request to the clerk to send the presentations to the clerk's office so they can have the presentations up on cue and i want to thank you for being here and i am glad to have the commissioner here and it would be great to have the young people who are undocumented and gone through the system and advise us on what has been successful and not successful in working through multiple systems so i am glad the commissioner was here today and i hope you give input in the larger coordination process so thank you and seeing no further comments we cannot take a motion on this item yet, and so i believe mr. clerk if there are no other announcements the meeting is adjourned.
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>> that's correct madam chair. just to make sure no action is taken and this item will automatically appear on the next agenda. >> thank you mr. clerk. so meeting is adjourned. thank you everyone. [gavel]
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